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For 25 years one of Rangam’s secret weapons has been our full-service internal creative services business, which traditionally services Rangam and sister companies. Our Imagine Lab talent has the full support of solid account management and our internal agency.


We are not another creative agency

Our involvement with the disability and inclusion community enables Imagine Lab’s configuration to bring aboard talent with disabilities who possess high levels of creativity. Neurodiverse talent was traditionally only thought to have strengths in computing and math. We have witnessed amazingly creative output that shatters the boundaries of conventional "inside-the-box" thinking.


These brands look real and you probably want to try them. But since we can’t share our client confidential concepts and work our Imagine Lab creative talent developed these ideas from their own visions of what new brands in certain categories would look like.

Talk to about your brand needs and we can develop some amazing work for you.


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